How to Celebrate Chatter Day

Southpaw Jones Chatter Day

That’s right, Tuesday, April 26, is the 1st Annual Southpaw Jones Chatter Day.

It began as a personal realization that I am inconsistent at best when it comes to promoting my work on social media.

I decided to take one day every year, in the month of my birth, to ask myself, my audience, family, and friends to spread the electronic word about yours truly.

I don’t have an album release, a big show, or an upcoming tour.

What I do have is fun stuff to see, do, and share online.

Here’s how you can celebrate by connecting:

And ways to share the experience with others:

  • Send everyone you know right here to and let them sort it out themselves.
    Example text: Have you heard of Southpaw Jones? He makes up songs. Here is his site.
    It’s just that easy.
  • Share a Southpaw YouTube video on your favorite social media platform(s) tagged with #southpawjones.
    You can find some non-YouTube videos on the video page.
  • Share a SoundCloud song or playlist tagged with #southpawjones. Find one you like here.
  • Share a Spotify song or playlist tagged with #southpawjones. Here is the collection.

For particularly advanced chatterers:

  • Record a cover of a Southpaw Jones song and share!
  • Take a pic of yourself holding a Southpaw Jones CD and share!
  • Use one of my recordings in a video and share!
  • Record a child or pet enjoying Southpaw Jones music and share!

How I’ll spend the day:

  • Participating in the conversation using #southpawjones.
  • Sharing unreleased, rare, and live recordings.
  • Digging up old photographs to share.
  • Taking pictures of my food.
  • Making Chatter Day cocktails.

If you miss the big day, don’t fret. Feel free to do any of these things at any time.

Thanks in advance for your Chatter Day chatter!


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