Here’s what we know about Southpaw Jones:

  • He is a software engineer by day. Visit LinkedIn for all that.
  • By night, he makes music for open-minded folks who dig singable melodies and one-of-a-kind lyrics.
  • He performs solo if not with Matt the Electrician. The duo visited legendary Texas listening rooms in
    May 2024: Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe (Galveston), Anderson Fair (Houston), Radio Coffee and Beer (Austin).
  • He responds well to prompted creativity, particularly when the prompter has a budget.
  • He can write a decent song about anything.
  • He is left-handed.
  • He plays a right-handed guitar upside down…
  • …without a high E string.
  • He treads lightly on the thin ice of irreverent honesty.
  • He has lived in Houston, Nashville, and Los Angeles.
  • He currently lives in Austin.
  • He has had the honor of opening for Dan Bern, Terri Hendrix, James McMurtry, Slaid Cleaves, Fred Eaglesmith, and Lisa Loeb.
  • He has performed with 5 instruments in 17 states during the past 25 years.
  • He has released 92 songs and written many more.
  • Critics say he has “that most amazing ability to be hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time.”
  • Author Spike Gillespie calls him “the left-handed Elvis Costello and the best songwriter in the land.”

Stuff Southpaw brags about:

Some people say:

Southpaw Jones’ songs are at once political, personal, serious, hilarious, lucid, and muddled…goes straight for the story, for the message, for the emotion.
Clay Steakley
Performing Songwriter magazine

In the grand tradition of Jonathan Richman and They Might Be Giants…he has that most amazing ability to be hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time…
William Tyler
The Nashville Scene

…keep an eye peeled for opener Southpaw Jones. The Austin resident’s cheeky skewers “Legitimate Film,” “The Last Remaining Beatle” and “Fatty Arbuckle” proved an inspired pairing [with Fred Eaglesmith].
Brian T. Atkinson
Austin American-Statesman

His similarity to They Might Be Giants is much more pronounced live than it is on his record, although as a solo artist, his sense of reality is much more fractured and intense.
Jim Caligiuri
Austin Chronicle

…the future of folk music is in good hands.
Susan Werner
performing songwriter

Southpaw Jones’ songs are statements, short stories inside jokes with poignant punchlines
that appeal to your sense of humanity.
Susan Gibson
performing songwriter

Jones’ songs are told from an often funny but no less insightful perspective…his songs are filled with the wisdom and biting humor of a man years older.
Katherine Tolford
Los Angeles Times

Southpaw Jones really stood out in a crowd of one hundred songwriters at the Bluebird auditions. His song was the only one that I wanted to hear all of. He’s young, he’s funny, he’s very original.
Amy Kurland
owner, Bluebird Cafe
Nashville, Tennessee

…the lefthanded Elvis Costello and the best songwriter in the land.
Spike Gillespie

He’s original…Southpaw Jones sings Southpaw Jones songs and does them with heart and humor…
Tony Arata
performing songwriter, Nashville, Tennessee

Sardonic songwriter in the tradition of Loudon Wainwright, but with the melodic smarminess of They Might Be Giants’ John Linnell and a slight Steve Forbert-esque raspiness.
Nashville Rage

It isn’t clear where sincerity leaves off and irony begins…
Richard Banks

Southpaw Jones’ work is that of an alien who has taken human form and is studying us very carefully.
Ken Gaines
performing songwriter
Houston, Texas

…brilliant lyrics and uncompromising timing.
Gregg Cagno
performing songwriter, New Jersey

His songs get into your head. There are no escape hatches, no doors to get out…a wonderful performer whose music defies classification…
Bruce A. Teitell
North Hollywood, California

…a busker’s ragged spirit and an upstart wit that at best evokes Todd Snider or Loudon Wainwright III…you’ll likely laugh out loud.
Jim Ridley
The Nashville Scene

Southpaw jones will surprise you with how light-heartedly he takes controversial / serious subject matter and makes it fun for your consumption.
Jett Black
Nocturnal Movements
Vancouver, Washington

…if it’s kinda sad, it’s fantastically so.  The lonely songs are really lonely, and the lost/unrequited love songs will tear your heart out.
Dick Patnaude
columnist & radio host
Las Cruces, New Mexico

The lyrics are sometimes witty, sometimes touching, but always original and genuine…sophisticated melodies, rhythms and rhyme schemes that call to mind early Bob Dylan, Loudon Wainwright III, and Steve Forbert.
Richard Tuschman, Florida

…a better songwriter than most Nashville songwriters, and more honest than any of them.
Scott “Moses” Murray
performing songwriter