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"People love you when you make their jobs/lives easier. People love you when you listen to and fulfill their needs. People are not limited by intelligence so much as their own likes and dislikes. . . To do truly free and creative work, I have to forego guaranteed income. I overcome this by recognizing the very real non-monetary value of a creative expression.” – – – Meet Southpaw Jones (@southpawjones), Software Developer at the University of Texas and @cm_austin attendee. His mission is to free minds and break hearts with software, songs, and silliness. The one thing you can’t find on Google about him is that he once owned a pet squirrel. He’s struggling with valuing his creativity as highly as his logical/technical skills. What advice would you share with Southpaw? – – – ? by Jason Griego (@jasongriego)

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Songs, Puns, Software! Summer Update

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Songs, Puns, Software from Southpaw Jones
Songs, Puns, Software from Southpaw Jones

Songs, Puns, Software

Dearest reader,

I’m branching out beyond music in my old age; I hope you don’t mind that this newsletter reflects that. Here are my latest adventures.

Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

I’m excited to be booked as part of Austin’s largest independent comedy festival, Out of Bounds. My solo variety set is scheduled for Friday night, September 2, at Coldtowne Theater. Be there!

2016 O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships

Another year, another near-victory. I proudly placed 2nd in the Punniest in Show category of Austin’s annual competition with the following meditation on birds: Southpaw Jones Pun Off 2016. To preview the event, Austin Monthly magazine produced this fun profile of yours truly. You can see my 2014 and 2015 performances on my new Pun page.

Deciso: A Simple Web App for Tough Decisions

Introducing my first piece of public-facing software! At my day job, I develop university web applications, but all of that work is owned and lives behind impenetrable security. When my friend Emil Kresl of Raison Living approached me to code the web’s first weighted decision-making assistant, I was glad to do it. Here is the result: Deciso. If you enjoy quantifying your thought process and understanding your reasoning for the choices you make, check it out. It’s free! Let me know if you have any questions.

Songs, Songs, Songs!

Some sketches and some full homemade recordings. Listen at your leisure.

Battleship of Maine
My attempt at remaking an old folk song.

Tools for the Lost Frontier
Finally, I have composed an original round along with my finest synth solo.

Waylon Jennings Ate My CD
An original love story about a girl, a dog, and digital media.

Certain Kinds of People
Another sketch that I cannot improve upon. Stellar modulation.

Hard & Confusing (I Know)
Vulnerable, cheery, and nearly a cappella.

This Old Flag (Live from Industry Night) Includes adult language.
This is that time I got kicked off stage at Austin’s illustrious variety show.

Sister Station
Lonely little sci-fi drama.

Baked Potato
Blues you can use to choose new shoes.

In the Year 2016
Resolutions for this half-finished year.

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