Experimental Show Pilot Sunday @ Salvage Vanguard

The Southpaw Jones Show
A Live Experimental Pilot Episode

This Sunday night is a special one at Salvage Vanguard Theater. My pal Brian Kremer and I are fulfilling some individual dreams separately and together. At 7 pm, Brian will perform a mostly-solo set of originals and covers to prepare the world for his exciting upcoming record. This will be his first show for a live crowd as well as an internet audience via Concert Window.

My half of the show will be something wild I’ve been wanting to try for an open-minded crowd, a fever-dream of creativity, dialogue, and song. Here’s the official description:

The Southpaw Jones Show is an experimental live pilot from singer/songwriter and virtual Austin native Southpaw Jones. Imagine a table read featuring elements from David Letterman, A Prairie Home Companion, and Hee Haw. Throw in some fine original music. Position Southpaw as the puppet master, asking his trusting friends to bring a show to life before they even know what said show is. You get the idea, yes? What does it mean to write dialogue for another human being who is playing themselves? What happens when an artist is finally able to do the show of his dreams? What is more valuable in live entertainment: freshness or polish? Witness Tim Ashlock, Brian Kremer, Aaron Treptow, Maggie Wilhite, and Southpaw Jones answer all these questions and more.

Here’s to artists expanding their horizons! If you want to witness history-in-the-making twice in one night, feel free to declare your intentions or just say hello on the Facebook Event. The details:

Brian Kremer & Southpaw Jones
Sunday, August 24, 2014
7:00 pm
$10 at the door
Salvage Vanguard Theater
2803 E Manor Rd
Austin, TX 78722

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