Saturday in La Grange and on Pay-Per-View

Matt the Electrician and Southpaw Jones celebrate 10 years of sharing stages and hauling too many instruments.

We are performing Saturday night at The Bugle Boy in La Grange, Texas. It’s a very cool venue we’ve played before separately but not as a duo. I’ll paste details below.

You may be thinking, “I don’t live anywhere near La Grange.” That depends on how you define “live” and “near,” I suppose. But don’t fret! We will be live-streaming our concert starting at 8p Central Time. Wherever you are in the world, you can attend the show! You can purchase online tickets for $3 any time the day of the show at The show will not be taped, but you can watch it live in HD! Payment can be made using PayPal or a credit/debit card. This is a new and very cool service. You can be a part of the show AND the cutting edge of technology.

As always, I invite you to visit my Songs page, where I’ve added some new recordings to my giant table of songs. You can listen all day, over and over, free of charge.

Matt the Electrician & Southpaw Jones
Saturday, July 28, 2012
8:00pm – All Ages
Bugle Boy
1051 N. Jefferson St. (Hwy 77)
La Grange, TX 78945
Doors at 7, Show at 8, Close at 10.

The Bugle Boy wishes media to mention: “The Bugle Boy is a great weekend destination in the small Texas town of La Grange. Folks will drive from Houston, Austin, San Antonio and even Dallas to hear a performance in this room. It is a true listening room with fabulous acoustics where no talking is allowed during performances. ‘Respect for the performer and ticket holder sitting next to you is not an after thought at The Bugle Boy. It is our business model.’
Many folks have said, ‘This is the best listening room in Texas.’ Overnight accommodations and restaurants are listed at

One thought on “Saturday in La Grange and on Pay-Per-View

  1. Very excited to attempt to get myself to this show! I have your duo live album and have worn a groove into it, so I’m really looking forward to seeing you both again. Possibly La Grange will shift slightly closer to Austin before Saturday?

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